STong Shin Savers

by Mark Bell
I was kind of skeptical about these

Why not just use your Knee Sleeves or just man up. I mean bloody shins show your a Real Powerlifter. It's a Badge of Honor, Right? Wrong..

No one cares how bloody your shins are. Also why use your $90 Comp Sleeves for Shin guards? These Shin Saves are 1/2 the price as those comp sleeves. 

Besides from saving your shins. What makes these better then just Knee Sleeves?

I found the Shin Savers are much thinner then my knee sleeves. They also form around the lower leg way better. These cause less chance of contact with the shins.

These are not just for Deadlifts either. They provide great protection for Rope Climbs,  Box Jumps and more. Stop tearing up your Shins and high dollor Knee Sleeves and pick up a pair of these.

Item Description 

Shin Savers

Are you tired of scraping up your shins on movements where you pull the bar from the floor? Our all-purpose shin savers are perfect for preventing this. Stay in the gym longer without getting blood on the bar. These sleeves allow you to bring the bar closer to your body and maintain good form.They're specifically designed for the deadlift, but great for keeping your calves warm, saving your shins, and protecting your skin during any lift.

Price is for a pair

SIZE                        IN INCHES
Small                     Under 15 Inches
Medium                 15 – 16 Inches
Large                     16 – 17 Inches
XL                           17 – 18 Inches
XXL                         18 – 19 Inches
XXXL                      19 – 20 Inches
XXXXL                    21 – and up

Measure around the largest part of your calf. If you have a big foot, size up one