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Strong House Project - KRATOS - 17in
Strong House Project - KRATOS - 15.41oz

Strong House Project is kind of new to the scene of producing Powerlifting knee wraps, but don't let that fool you. SHP has a very Strong Line up of Knee and Wrist Wraps. SHP not only has some High Quality products, but they are affordable too. I’ve seen 3M Wraps sell for over $70. That just seems nuts, especially since SHP KRATOS are only $40. The affordability isn’t just on their wraps but all their products. For what you get, SHP should be on the top of your list to check out first.  

The KRATOS is a wrap I wasn’t sure I was going to like, but feel in love with very quick. The KRATOS is a rebound wrap that has a crazy amount of stretch and a decent amount of weight to it. The amount of revolutions I get is just insane with these. I can wrap any pattern I want with these wraps. I like doing a simple tight x-pattern with them. These are a great wrap for a Novice to the most advanced RAW lifter. Not some much for a Geared lifter.

These were designed for a Squatter with a little bit of speed in their drop. These are not a painful wrap at all. They won’t dig into the back of your knee at all. Even when cranked down, for a knee wrap they are comfy.

I like using these wraps on my 3 to 6 Rep Range.



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Strong House Project - BMF - 17.70oz
Strong House Project - BMF - 14.5in

At this time these BMF are the Strongest Wrap SHP makes. This wrap is made for the Strong Squatters. Not recommended for the beginner. These are for those new PR’s or Heavy Singles in Training.

They have a little bit of stretch to them, but not much.  They also have a bit of weight too. Which is good, the heavier the wrap the better. This just means the material is denser and allows more material to be wrapped around your knee.  The BMF wraps do have some bite to them. So I wouldn’t recommend anything over a doubles in these or they will just shred the back of your knees.

Now how to wrap with these, Best way is have a partner or couch wrap you. Being a stiff wrap like these are hard and is a energy wasting process. A pair of needle nose pliers can help pull the wrap through on tie offs to stay even tighter.

Who are these meant for? Wider then shoulder width stance, Slower Drop and Geared Lifters.  If wrapped up by someone else. These will  add 100+ to your squat vs RAW.


If you're looking for an even Stiffer more aggessive wrap. Check out SHP's new BMF-U wraps.