Strong House Project

Stretch Test 16in
Weight: untested

The Savage Wraps are the newest Wrap from Strong House Project. This wrap fills in the Gap from the Very Stretchy KRATOS and the Stiff BMF wraps. The Savage wrap is an awesome all around wrap.

User friendly and effective wrap.

The closest wrap these are similar too is the Strangulators, which are impossible to get new anymore. So if you are looking to replace your old worn out Strangulators or remember hearing about how great they were. The Savage Wrap is what you want.

The Savage wraps have a softer feel to them, but they rebound great and cast well when wrapped by a partner. I lean more towards the side of a Rebound wrap then a cast style wraps, but just barely. 


Verified Reviewer
Great Wraps, PR during the 1st squat session
I have been looking for a more aggressive wrap to use for 1-3 rep workouts and I truly believe that these fit that bill. I have used the Slingshot World Record wraps, IR Outlaws, and Pioneer Lilliebridge wraps... the SHP Savage wraps have put those to shame for my squat and wrapping style. These have decent stretch and I can get 6 revolutions arou
nd my leg with a short tail with the 2.5m wrap, self-wrapped and not pre-stretched. The SHP Savage wraps cast very similar to the Pioneer Lilliebridge Wraps (very solid casting) but have just a little more stretch which produces noticeably more rebound and make them a lot easier to handle when wrapping. The Savage wraps are a truly great hybrid wrap that offers good stopping power and solid rebound, they are also considerably more bearable on the leg than any other wrap I've used (ie they don't chew up my leg like the Outlaws or Lilliebridge wraps). I love these wraps and will be packing them in my bag for every lower rep session! 
Got these in the mail on 10/27 and just had to pull a squat session to break them in. I was planning on hitting just 315-335 for speed work, ended up hitting a solid rep at 405 for a lifetime PR! Squatting in these felt like coming home, everything felt good. Just to put it out there: I have 1.5 years of consistent training experience for powerlifting, I squat in Chucks with a wider than shoulder width stance and with a semi-slow decent.