Smelling Salts (Ammonia Inhalant) have been around for a very long time. It is commonly used to revive people who have lost consciousness. However that same stuff that brings them back can benefit us Powerlifters. Powerlifters have been using smelling salts for years. The use of Smelling Salts has bleed over into hockey, football, strongman and many other sports.

Smelling Salts irritates the blood vessels in the nasal pathways and causes a reflex that, blah blah blah

Who cares exactly how it works?      
What I do know is it does work.

Taking a Big-O whiff of some Smelling Salts does a few things for a Powerlifter.

  1. Wakes you up in an instant
  2. Clears the head of all thoughts and gives laser focus
  3. Gives a boost of adrenaline

All these combined helps set you up for a new Personal Record.

How to Use
Only use for new PR’s and Meet Day,

  1. Shake Bottle and try to prepare yourself
  2. Don’t be a wimp and hold it way out. Stick that bottle right under your nose
  3. Take a Big-O Whiff
  4. Tear up, Scream, stomp your feet and maybe wet yourself a little
  5. Now go Kill it (set a new PR)


Skull Smash Ammonia Inhalant is the Best Version I have found for Powerlifting. It is stronger than Caps, Last Longer than the Liquids like Nose Tork. At $12 a Bottle may seem high, but it is not really. I have been using the Same Bottle for well over a month now and it is still pretty damn strong. I have a feeling I will be still using this same bottle for the next few weeks.

Skull Smash has comes in 4 different Labels, but are all the same product. Labels are Skull Smash, Brain Grenade, Badass Bitch and Deringer.

 The Deringer is different by only the size of bottle it is in. It comes in a Smaller package and a much smaller opening. This forces you to really get much closer and can hit you harder than expected.

Added note here: If you do not lift at a Hardcore Powerlifting Gym. Good Chance many around you do not know about Smelling Salts. First thing you do when you get to the Gym. Toss the bottle to a buddy and Say “ Smell this stuff ”  Then Sit back and watch.