Strength Shop 2.5mm Neoprene Shorts

Sites Description:
“Strength Shop 2.5mm Neoprene Shorts providing warmth and support, and reducing stiffness.
Especially suitable for acute or chronic pain in the groin, hip or bottom muscles, muscle strains or pulls. 2.5mm neoprene”. –

NomZ’s Review:

Strength Shop 2.5mm Neoprene Shorts.

The ad states they provide warmth, support, and reduced stiffness.

They provide a lot of warmth! The shorts taper off right above the quads and go as high as right below the sternum with the size that I had. The shorts kept my lower back, hip musculature, and quads very warm. At the end of each session, everything the shorts covered was extra warm and extra sweaty.

I pull sumo for deadlifts, as well as squatting semi-wide, so the added warmth worked wonders for groin pain. I occasionally get adductor tightness high in the groin doing sumo deadlifts. These shorts would completely eliminate the pain I experienced before, most likely due to a little bit of compression and the great warmth.

The support is very minimal and likely is insignificant for training purposes. I imagine if you ordered a size or two smaller it would be more supportive, but I doubt the construction could hold up to it.

The construction is OK, it could be better and some of the stitching is a little sloppy. But for $35 these shorts are well worth the price, as competitors are about double the price.

Ramrod’s Review

NomZ pretty much nailed it on the review. NomZ is a little taller than me. So the shorts covered me a little more. These shorts flat out work. If your concern is to keep your Hips, Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads and lower back warm. These do that no problem. I recently switched to pulling Sumo and strained my left Hamstring-Glute. I can tell a big difference when I wear these. I’m able to get warmed up and stay warm. These really helped me keep that injured area from getting cold and tightening back up. Once warmed up, I was able to get full ROM with no pain. Which really speed up my rehab time.

Know they won’t add any poundage’s to the bar, but if you’re a RAW lifter. You don’t have to worry about it affecting your Squats. They don’t change your squat form. Same applies to Deadlifts as well.

NomZ mentioned $35 price tag. I’ve found other Neoprene Shorts around that price range. But they were either way to thin, or didn’t cover the lower back at all. What’s nice about the StrengthShop shorts is when wearing a lifting Belt. Are the Shorts come up higher then what your belt would sit. Other Shorts seem to stop just below or under the belt. Leaving a uncomfortable seem to deal with under your belt.