Beast Genetics Stiff AF

Length 2.5M
Weight:  11.66oz
Stretch Test: 15.5in

Beast Genetics is a Powerlifting Company out of Australia and IPF Approved. They have been known for their IPF approved belts. They have recently released a line of Knee and Wrist Wraps. The first pair of I got my hands are their 2.5M STIFF AF Knee Wraps.

These wraps are pretty aggressive and I would recommend them to lifters who are used to wraps. These have enough stretch to them to really get them cranked down tight. They fall about in the middle of the pack on the 10in Stretch Test at 15.5in. Same as many of the other top brands, but they weigh in as some of the lightest pairs of Knee wraps I have.  This lighter weight helps keep these Wraps a good all-around wrap for many Squatting Styles.

The STIFF AF wraps have an equal amount of Rebound vs Stopping Power.  These are a High Quality Wrap and will not disappoint.

Please use the Chart below and see if these wraps fit your Style of Squats.