APT Power Wrist Straps

Strangulators Wrist Wraps

Custom Cuff Wrist in 24 inch length

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I have quite a few wrist wraps at different lengths, different styles, but they all have the thumb loops. Which lead me to APT’s Custom Cuff Wrist wraps. You can get any Wrap they carry with a Cuffed end instead of a thumb loop. 

My left thumb and wrist seem to take a beating from squats. Doesn’t help I have tendinitis that comes and goes too. So when I crank down on my wrist wraps the loop really pulls on my thumb. I know you can use your fingers to hold the wraps in place instead of using the loop. Which I started doing more and more. This isn’t a real issue at all really and I was in the market for new wraps anyway. I wanted a stronger cast like wrap in 24in length. When I came across these it was like icing on the cake. No more thumb loops and no more loose wraps falling off.

First things first... Love the wraps. The strength and cast like feel is above and beyond. I like the cuffed loop as well. It does have its draw backs thou. The Cuff is a pain to get on. I’ll loop the cuff over a barbell and stretch it open a bit before I put them on. Helps loosen them up just enough to slide them on. I have a feeling some of the other style wraps wouldn’t be as bad as these. Due to the Cast like material these are. Ok once you have them on your good for a while. I suggest putting them on before warm ups. Why? Well when your body temp is cool with these cuffs. When you go to tighten your wrap, It will just spin on your wrist. You can bend your wrist and pull at angle on the wraps and it will grab and wrap up. Once you are warmed up and some heat is under the wrap. They grab and wrap up fast and easy. So your hammering away and some squats, maybe some heavy benching or overhead press. You’re all sweaty and finished with your workout. Time to take them off, this is tough. You have a couple of things working against you here. 

1. Your tried and worn out. 

2. The wraps are sticking much better from sweat under the wraps. 
You have to stretch and pull off the wrap and it’s tough at times. I’ve had to wait few to get enough will power to get them off. Just to worn out for that fight…haha Tip… Line the stitches(or Seam) over your thumb and pull down. Then squeeze your fingers underneath the wraps from the opposite side. Just keep working back and forth till they pop off.

Even with this I love them and use them every week. Just on lighter weight days I’ll use a less aggressive wrap. My next pair of Wraps will be from APT as well and with the Custom Cuffs, but in a stretchy wrap. You can't have to much gear...

More APT product reviews coming soon....