Texas Deadlift Bar



7.5ft Long

56in Collar to Collar

27mm Diameter

Black oxide

Deep aggessive knurling

No Center knurling

Weight 45lbs 
This is one of my Favorite pieces of gym equipment. It's not a needed piece of equipment if you’re on a budget, but if you are serious about your deadlift. I highly recommend getting one. Especially if you are a competitive Powerlifter and they use them in your meets. Takes a little to get used to, the Deadlift Bar is thinner, longer and has more whip to it. It doesn’t take long to get the hand of it. Touch and go deadlifts can cause a problem with the amount of whip the bar as.

The bar as the most aggressive knurling I have ever used. It’s great for your grip. The first few times using it, it will eat your hands up a little. It’s like gripping very course sand paper. I don’t even bother using chalk much anymore. That’s the good part of the knurling. The ugly is when the bar makes contact with your legs. It loves to eat shins and take skin off.

The knurling isn’t the only advantage. The longer thinner bar creates great Flex in the Bar. When you start your pull, the bar will move before the plates even leave the ground. Allowing you to start the pull from a better advantage point. Kind of like pulling from blocks.

Now I haven’t used any other Deadlift Bar, but there isn’t many out on the Market. I know of 3 other Brands that make a Deadlift only bar, but the Texas Deadlift Bar will not disappoint.
Side by Side - Cheap Power Bar top, Texas Deadlift Bar Bottom
Texas Deadlift Bar is longer then a normal power bar.
Here is a close up of the aggessive knurling, Rarely do you even need chalk
Feb. 2016 APA Meet 520lbs - Using Texas Deadlift Bar
5x3 @ 445 - Last Set - Using Texas Deadlift Bar