I have tried dozens and dozens of Pre-Workouts. Most of them are just crap thrown together in the wrong dosages. Few companies go out and get it right. Todd Lee from Valhalla-Labs. Todd is a IFBB Champion, a Biochemist and a Medical doctor. Sounds like the perfect combo to make an excellent pre-workout.
Ingredient Profile 8/10 – I would like to see a little more Beta Alanine and skip on the Creatine. 3g Dosage is just not enough for a daily maintenance. It’s a bit high on Caffeine at 400mg. So taking 2 scoops it out of the question. Other than that it has heathy doses of everything else.
Mix-ability 10/10 - Absolutely Zero Issues here. Everything mixed up in a bottle real easy. Never found Clumps. 

Performance 9/10 – Packs a punch with the 400mg of Caffeine. Solid Pumps and focus. Not much of a crash that I could feel.
Taste 9/10 – Great taste, no complaints here at all.

Cost 7/10 - Avg. price here. Roughly $40 for 20 servings. A bit on the high side. If knowing it’s made by a Bodybuilder and a MD for Bodybuilders makes you feel better. Might be worth the little extra to you

Overall 8/10

On the Tub itself everything is in a Prop. Blend, which I hate, but you can go on line and he has it all listed.

Pump complex (size)
Creatine mono hydrate 3000 mg
AAKG 3000 mg
Citruline Maleate 3000 mg
Agmatine sulfate 500 mg 
Beet root extract 500 mg
Energy complex (endurance)
Caffeine Anhydrous 400 mg 
Taurine 3000 mg 
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 1000 mg 
Yohimbine HCl 3 mg 
Beta alanine 1600 mg