X-Lume LED Badge Install

After getting my Halos, I've been wanting to add more lighting without going overboard. With my build I have always tried to keep a clean look, but a custom one. Just like my Trunk build. Simple yet very effective.

After talking with X-Lume a few times I decided to go with the "MOPAR" Badge. Which ties with other mods I have done.


What I got.
LED indicator
Wifi Controller

The Badge
This was a simple install and only took about 1hr.

Install is on a 2010 Dodge Charger

Step one:
Installing the Indicator lights. Open the hood and pop open the cover that hides the Brake fluid Reservoir. There is a rubber gourmet. It's a nice easy access to the cabin. Comes out right above the brake pedal. (About 8-10in above) There is plenty of room to fit the Indicator box through it as well.
I mounted the Indicator below my Radio. There is just enough wire to make itself back to the front to the Wifi Controller.
Run the wires under the brace and across the engine bay. You can take this vent piece off and hide the wire under it.
OK now the Wire is ran back to where the controller will be.

Step two:
Mounting the Badge.
Remove this Cover. Just pulls outs
Mine couldn't have been any easier. I have a Danko Grill with the Honeycone mesh. The bolts that came with it. Where the perfect size. The Mesh also makes it easier to get straight. No Drilling was needed for me. the RGB wire fit through as well. Once you have it where you want it. Install the backing plate. Washers and lock nuts. Just snug them first. So you can make fine adjustments if needed. You can slide it left or right if needed.
Ok all the wire is pulled through and the Badge is tighten up.
Run your wire across the top and make sure to stay clear of the hood latch. May need a few zip ties here.
Step 3:
Mounting the Wifi Controller. My old RF Controller was mounted on the inner fender. The RF has to have a clear line of sight to work with a remote. Which means you have to be outside the car and inches away. Hated that. Now what I did was fit mine inside the Fuse box under the hood. It's a snug fit, but worked. Might not work with every ones. Depending on Year and Cars options.

Add some Double Sided Tape to the Wifi Controller and plug in your RGB wires. Just Match up the colors. Takes a Small flat head screw driver. 
Now plug in your Power Wire and Ground Wire. MAKE SURE YOUR POWER WIRE DOESN'T HAVE THE FUSE IN IT YET. I bought an inline Fuse from a parts store and just wired straight to the Positive Post by the Fuse Box. Ground I used the Factory ground right behind the Fuse box on the fender well.
Note: If like me and you have Halos, Badge and Indicator lights Means you could have up to 6 RGB Lines going into that One Controller. You just need to Solider them down into one line.

Or you can use this. 
Ok everything should be hooked up correctly now. 
Step Four:
Install the Wifi Controller App found in the booklet that came with it. It's a Free App.

Place a Small 5 amp or 7.5amp is ok too. In the fuse holder. The lights should all come on now.

Go into your Phone Wifi Settings and Find the Wifi "LEDnetxxxxxxx" Connect to it. Password for mine was 88888888..

Open the App and have fun.
Indicator Lights
And the Badge and Halos all running...
Got it working on my Radio now. No longer have to connect through my phone. The Camera didn't do a very good job of catching the screen, but that is the Working App.