Titan Yellow Jacket Knee Sleeves


The Titan Yellow Jackets are not just a normal Neoprene Sleeve. These are a Competition Grade IPF legal Knee Sleeve.   Competition Knee Sleeves seem to be popping up every lately.  Rebrands used to be the go to Knee Sleeves, and then SBD dropped the first real Competition Sleeves on the market.  The SBD’s were the only ones for a while too. Titan was the first to follow suit I believe with the Original 1st Gen Yellow Jackets.  Then Iron Rebels, STrong (Mark Bell), Strong House Project and there might be a couple others. These are all I know of though.  

So what makes the Titan’s different, besides Grade of the Neoprene used? It’s the X- Pattern and the Thick Seam down the back. They say having the Seams from the X-Pattern run across the Patella like they do adds stiffness and support. The X-Pattern may also give the illusion of going deeper in the squat. Add the bigger thicker seam down the back of the knee really stiffens the whole thing up and that is the main goal. The stiffer the Sleeve, the more pounds and support it can provide.
Ok back to the Yellow Jackets and the latest updated versions of them. Two main issues came up with the 1st gens. Stitching wasn’t consistent; it was sloppy and wouldn’t hold up long. The 2nd was the Neoprene itself. It was a bit rough to a few and didn’t wear well. With that said, there are many who didn’t have any of these issues and the sleeves have worked out great. You can still buy the 1st Gen sleeves for just under $50 at Lifting Large while supplies last.

The “IMPROVED” Titan Yellow Jackets has better, sturdier stitching and stiffer, denser Neoprene for even more support.  Titan has listened to their customers and made the needed changes. They now have the most advanced Competition Legal Knee Sleeves out.
Don’t take my word for it..

“ER Owner Mike Armstrong is an IPF referee, and spoke to a number of lifters at the 2016 IPF Raw Worlds in Texas. Many that were wearing the New Yellow Jackets reported having used SBD sleeves previously, but preferred the Yellow Jackets, finding that they had greater stiffness feeling so tight around the lower legs going numb. These were world champion level lifters, and they preferred the Titan product.”
Sizing is simple with the Titans. Measure your knee and order the recommend size. No need to size down. These already come in a Competition fit