12 inch Yoga Wheel
Starting @ $40
How a Yoga Product helped my Bench Press...
This is a product I took a gamble on. I was searching for ways to increase my Arch and get a better bench set up. Why a bigger better arch? Instant increase in pounds and shorter distance to press are two advantages.  The biggest factor I have found is when using leg drive. When arched well, you can give all the leg drive you want and your butt stays planted and you arch actually increases.
Anyone who has researched this has seen the method of just sticking PVC Pipes and Foam Rollers under you back while benching.  This isn’t safe and there is a much better way. I tried the PVC pipes and Foam rollers and all that did was cause lower back pain when trying to force my back to flex while benching. This method doesn’t stretch your back any. All it does force your back to round over the PVC pipe and you lose all tightness. Which in return will cause lower back strain.
The Yoga Wheels advantage is to safely stretch and hold an arch before you even get on a bench.  It quickly opens up the upper back, shoulders and prepares the lower back for benching. I combined the Yoga Wheel with couch stretches before and during my warm ups. In just a couple of weeks I saw a HUGE increase in my arch and I was able to hold that arch without any pain. Since I have been using the Yoga Wheel, I haven’t had any lower back strains during bench.
The simple tool has been the best thing for my Bench in years. I increased my Bench by over 15lbs and was hitting 315 for triples.